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A Self sustainable hill at 5200 feet with Green Energy and Rainwater harvesting..

A Thrilling and adventurous experience crossing over 18 feet high Burma Bridge, 20 feet high Commando Net, 60 metres Zip-lining and Rope Balancing. Fresh vegetarian meals prepared by our Chef from organically grown and locally sourced healthy, tasty and nutritive ingredients. Walk through a tropical rain forest with water fall and enjoy a joyful rain dance. A wonderful trekking pathway to Kasauli, push yourself to reach new height of 5200 feet on foot by undertaking one of the local 45 minutes trekking route.

An Adventurous trekking pathway along with the natural waterfall leads to water mill, where grinding of wheat berry and corn is done. The pristine fresh air, the scenic beauty and the intimacy with mother nature will rejuvenate your spirits and enrich your memories. Explore the nocturnal skies through state of the art telescope. Enjoy the bonfire along with the Team Building activities. Complete Body check-up and customized health advice.

Aestus Kasauli Hotel

Aestus Adventure and Wellness Centre' serves Only Vegetarian food and does not permit Smoking and consumption of Alcoholic beverages on its premises.