Yoga and meditation classes

Wellness activities include meditation & yoga that helps to refresh mind. Regular practice of meditation& yoga give large number of benefits to body. Best trainers of Aestus hotel offer meditation and many other wellness activities to guest. Meditation sessions at Aestus centre are helpful for increasing the flexibility of body organs and help to increase calmness. Yoga and meditation sessions can be attend by interested people or tourist in Kasauli. Meditation is very effective for the stressed people. Yoga and meditation are helpful for reducing the stress of people. Many types of yoga and meditation breathing help to reduce stress and many other problems. Trekking, health checkups, nature walk, crossing over, zip lining can be done.

Aestus Adventure and Wellness Centre' serves Only Vegetarian food and does not permit Smoking and consumption of Alcoholic beverages on its premises.

General Information for Guests

  • Welcome Drinks on Arrival.
  • All Adventure activities are done under the supervision of Skilled professional team.
  • The Food is prepared by the Resident Chef as per the Guest's food choice.
  • Proper Health Check-up and a Health Session for Guests is done by Col. Aparjit Singh.
  • The Tropical Rain Forest is maintained by Col. Maneet Singh.
  • There is a wonderful Trekking route to Kasauli from the Aestus. It is an unforgettable 45 minutes trek on the Kasauli hills.